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Nagar Nigam Road, Near Petrol Pump, Bikaner (RJ)

Tattoo Mafiya

“Tattoo Mafiya” furnish you with an assortment of tattoo styles, “And so on, we’ll nail it”. Huge or little tattoo “Tattoo Mafiya” will give a similar individual regard for their customers. At “Tattoo Mafiya” customers feel invited and agreeable and leave with a splendid bit of craftsmanship.

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Popular Tattoo Placement

List Down Some Special Placement Most People Prefer Getting Inked On.

Wedding Makeup

A little detail about the service you’ve mentioned above. Tell them what you do.

Party Makeup

A little detail about the service you’ve mentioned above. Tell them what you do.

Fashion Makeup

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A little detail about the service you’ve mentioned above. Tell them what you do.

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Tattoo Mafiya’s Pricing Ideas

Here is a list of our services and their prices as shown below. Note:These are not the final Prices.

Hair Cuts

Women’s Haircut


Stylist Haircut


Teen’s Haircut


Childern’s Haircut


Make Up

Regular Makeup


Quick Fix Makeup


Just Eyes


Bridal Trial


Hair Color

Single Process


L’Oreal Color


Full Highlights


Half Highlights


Skin Care



Nutritional Advice




Regular Skin Care


Our Works

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Ankita , CEO / Owner

Give us a Chance To Serve You Because We Believe In Giving Only The Best To Our Clients And Never Compromise On Quality Of Our Products And Services.

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